I grew up in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina in a small town called Florence.  I am a true South Carolinian without a doubt; my family has lived in South Carolina for over 300 years.  In 1996 I moved to the Charleston area.  This is where I found my place to be in life.  I simply love Charleston and all it has to offer.

I have always felt the calling to do something artistic, but I struggled with finding what that was until I began taking classes with the glass medium.  I started out in stained glass but found it to be a little restrictive to my liking.  From there I moved on to glass fusion and I have not turned back since.

I have always been attracted to patterns and shapes that are found in everyday life.  I am truly inspired by the lines of a building, the pattern of a quilt, the shapes of nature, and so on.  Often I come across something that attracts my attention and I am haunted with its design or pattern until I am able to recreate it in some fashion. 

Working with glass has given me a wonderful outlet to express myself and explore all the different ways to recreate my inspirations.  The strong bold colors of the glass allow me to really push myself out of my comfort zone and make my creations pop with life.  Glass is also a great way to make my life inspired art take on a functional form that can be used in everyday life.

Wanting to push myself more artistically,  I started working in encaustic mixed media.  Self taught in this hot wax medium I learned from you-tube and art books.  Creating a world of folk art charaters that have even made way into my fused glass pieces. 

For me art is therapy.  It calms me, completes me, and makes me a better person.  Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you.

Keller L. Lee

Contact Information:

email:  kellerllee@gmail.com