The Story Of The Glass Bow Ties


Glass Bow Ties

A bold artistic twist to the traditional bow tie, these bow ties are a unique wearable pieces of art. Each one is made by hand by Keller Lee in his home studio in Charleston, SC. They are made with fuse-able hand cut glass, designed and layered on a kiln shelf and then fired to approximately 1400 degrees. Attached to a tuxedo strap, the bow tie will adjust to fix most any size neck.


Keller Lee

“I am a true Southerner. Often joking that I am Southern Royalty, my family has lived in South Carolina for over 300 years. I come from a long line of story tellers. Not all of them were verbal story tellers but many of them were makers and told their stories by what they created.

I have always felt the call to do something artistic and tell my own story but struggled with finding my path until I started working in glass. Glass has given me a wonderful outlet to express myself. The strong bold colors of the glass allow me to really push myself out of my comfort zone.


Always a lover of the southern charm of the bow tie, I was inspired one day while looking at a pattern of a bow tie when I thought I could create that in glass. So I did. I created a glass bow tie.

My bow ties are fun, fashionable and make a statement. Each one of them has something to say. They allow me to tell my story. “